Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gym Etquette

Do not sit on equipment you are not using (especially if it's busy)
  • Do not hog equipment by spending unnecessary time chatting too long between or after sets (especially if you are using equipment that there is only one of)
  • Do not train too close to other equipment you are not using or block others access to equipment or walkways, etc (especially if it's busy)
  • Do not interrupt people mid-set by talking to them or asking a question. Wait until they have finished the set (this happens to me quite a lot)
  • Do not move too near people when they are lifting as it can be very distracting having someone walking right behind you when you are deadlifting
  • Do not ignore other's request to share equipment you are using while you are resting between sets
  • Do not leave weights or plates littered around the gym floor. The least you can do is stack them nicely or move them to one side when you've finished if you're too lazy to put them back
  • Do not just move equipment that has just been left alone for a moment. Check to see if it's finished with first (they may have just gone to get a drink of water or some more paper to wipe down equipment with)
  • Do not, if not needed, have your mobile phone on. It is very distracting having phones going off in a gym every 5 minutes then people talking really loudly above the music to be heard. If you're not expecting an urgent call then leave it in your locker

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